Kevin Treacey and Kate Treacey –

So turns out this bunch of clowns (Kevin Treacey and Kate Treacey, from Melbourne Australia with their 2 bit IT setup are trying to hack this site.  We are pretty sure they are acting on behalf of one of our already listed assholes.

These so called “IT professionals” do not even have a linkedin account nor is their website professionally appealing.  We have a picture of Kate here winning a new car, good luck to her as we don’t think their IT enterprise is overly successful!

These guys are trying to take down this site, the only place on the internet assholes like these can be called out without fear of retribution.  We would imagine the 50,000 or so members of this site would not be too happy with their activities.

People like this are natural born assholes, Kevin Treacey and his IT operation are not even running under a PTY LTD company so he had better watch out incase someone may wish to take legal action against for their hacking activities.

I hope Kate has sold this car with rego 1EJ8D0 Victoria Australia as her address would be pretty easy to find from the rego number alone!!

Feel free to contact these jokers at

hahaha what an idiot, I hope she sold it!
hahaha what an idiot, I hope she sold it!

Kiff Saunders – Global Ballooning

KiffSaundersKiff Saunders is the lowest of the low.  He pays a Melbourne rag to keep in their good books while all the time operating the biggest cowboy ballooning outfits in the southern hemisphere.  This guy puts his staff, pilots and the unsuspecting flying public at risk every day by his shoddy flying and his shoddy operation.  Kiff makes out he is the best balloon pilot in the country, all the while he is putting his passengers and the ballooning industry at risk by lying to CASA about safety breaches.

Kiff Saunders makes out to be a good guy but watch out punters he is the best definition of an asshole we have found so far!

Lets not talk about how he claimed TAC money as he “couldn’t work” and “damage to his business” and then totally screwed over his poor ex-wife.  I suspect she’s a nice person how ever did she get messed up with such a two faced cunt like this guy!

This guy is even such a cunt that he thinks he can pay someone to hack this site and get away with it, well done fucktard you are now target number 1 for millions of bored hackers who want to take you down!


It’s been a while since their was such a collective of aresholes as the sphincters at thesunmedicsonline.
These turds proport to supply legal pharmaceuaticals (+ the illegal ones that are shown on their main page) via places such as and alibaba (the home of the original 4,040 thieves)  They have more fake stores, business locations and phoney products than they do email adresses, with the one thread in common: if you could get close enough to smell them, they would all reek like a dog’s arse.
The only thing that these log wallopers really ever supply, once paid, is STD’s to their town’s stray dogs.
Look out for them online under names such as: Edgewood Medics, UK CVVDA, Moore King Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy, MedicshealthPharma, etc. etc. etc.
Obviously, if you require pharmaceuticals, forget trying to save money online, just swing by your local Chemist, you can see who you are dealing with and will get what you paid for,  rather than risking losing your hard earned to people with dog shit on their teeth and ring worm on their knobs.
Unfortunately, the submitter of this report is still working on finding pictures so that the world can put a face to their many names, until then if you need further reference just head out to the kennel and lift up Dozer’s tail. This is the calibre of arsehole we are talking about!

Richard Gilling

Not only is Richard Gilling a total asshole, he is a complete fucking prick. When someone tells Richard to go fuck himself, he can easily and willingly oblige the directive to do so.

Richard is mentally ill and refuses to take his medication. He is a suspected latent homosexual with attachment issues.

Richard has been known to treat so called friends with very little respect. He has frequently been observed exhibiting anti-social behaviour around various bars, clubs and pubs in Melbourne.

If you encounter this asshole, please exercise extreme caution.

Terry Lehpalmer

What a joke of a bloke, just look at this tool! Clearly some pshyc issue feeling he needs to be a gym junkie to make himself feel good!  Not to mention what steriods may do to certain parts of his body, his poor wife, I guess shes never known any different!!

Andrew Thomas


This guy runs one of the most unethical IT shops in Australia.  As you can see from the photo his head is the size of a house.  One can only feel sorry for his business partners and staff who have to deal with the sewage that flows from this jokers mouth!  I personally feel sorry for his customers who are lied to on a daily basis by this conman.